Photography is your voice

We apply a participatory methodology, to capture different areas of reality. We use photography as a tool to give people a voice: in order to make communication possible between groups of people, their environment, their community, their relationship with local and national authorities.

We carry out interventions where people are agents to interpret and be part of change behaviors in relation to the problems that affect them or the reality in which they live. The topics that can be addressed depending on the requirements of communities or institutions. The methodology is aimed at developing the capacity for social participation, identification of problems and their possible solutions. At the conclusion of the methodology, the needs of the people of the community are disseminated through a concrete and powerful message through urban interventions such as exhibitions or the printing of a photobook.


We capture your moments in a natural way in the environment that you like the most, as we venture into creativity according to your taste.


With our Urayaku eye we record and document sport events, music shows and social events.

and Video

We take photographs and videos of what you need to show to the public and we highlight in the best way what you need to convey.